Girls U15-East

1Ottawa South United G1520181166135355
2Unionville Milliken G152010373630633
3Whitby Iroquois G15209383734330
4West Ottawa G152055102028-820

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1Shacaylah WILLIAMSUnionville Milliken G1515
2Nyah SLUSARENKOOttawa South United G1514
3Mira PIERRE-WEBSTERWhitby Iroquois G1513
4Nibonile DLAMINIOttawa South United G1513
5Annika ARSENAULTWhitby Iroquois G1510
6Georgia HOGANOttawa South United G1510
7Taylor DEMPSTERWest Ottawa G158
8Karina MOFFATUnionville Milliken G156
9Mattson STRICKLEROttawa South United G156
10Allessandra ROMANOWhitby Iroquois G155

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Juliann LACASSEOttawa South United G1514
2Noemie BOUCHARDAurora FC G159
3Kelsey POKOJWest Ottawa G156
4Mckenna GEMMELLUnionville Milliken G154
5Lauren BURRELLUnionville Milliken G153
6Lili BORKWOODWhitby Iroquois G153
7Emileigh MACPHIEWhitby Iroquois G152
8Jaidyn MATHEUUnionville Milliken G152
9Emily WILSONAurora FC G151

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