Girls U15-East

1Ottawa South United G1520133452153742
2United FA G152011363830836
3Whitby Iroquois G1520112755352035
4Unionville Milliken G15207582931-226
5Markham G152043131544-2915
6West Ottawa G152021171683-677

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1Jade TAYLOR-RYANOttawa South United G1517
2Marta FERNANDESUnionville Milliken G1515
4Valerie LANTAIGNEWhitby Iroquois G1513
5Emily MIJARESWhitby Iroquois G1511
6Giulia GIOVINAZZIWhitby Iroquois G1510
7Hannah HARKINWhitby Iroquois G157
8Shannon PHEEOttawa South United G157
9Hannah FIRSTBROOKOttawa South United G156

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Alyse  PATINIOSNorth Toronto G158
2Ashley PITCHEROttawa South United G158
4Annabel GRAVELYAurora FC G155
5Isabella BARBIERIUnionville Milliken G155
6Savanna STUBBSMarkham G155
7Anna KARPENKOVaughan G154
8Emma SHAWWhitby Iroquois G154
9Emily CAMPBELLHamilton United Elite G153
10Hannah OUELLETEWhitby Iroquois G152
11Juliann LACASSEOttawa South United G152
12Paige KINGWest Ottawa G152
13Madeline BONAVOTAUnionville Milliken G151
14Mikaela PLUDRAMarkham G151
15Sofia PERTILIRichmond Hill G151

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Boys U13-Central
North TorontPreSC Toronto B
Aurora FCPreVaughan B13

Boys U13-East
Whitby IroquPreToronto FC
Unionville MPreHamilton Uni
United FA B1PreNorth Missis
West Ottawa PreOakville B13
Ottawa SouthPreBurlington Y

Boys U14-Central
North Toront2 - 2 Richmond Hil
Aurora FC2 - 4 SC Toronto B
Vaughan B145 - 1 KNSC B14

Boys U14-East
United FA B12 - 1 North Missis
Whitby Iroqu2 - 7 Toronto FC
Markham B144 - 0 Athlete Inst
West Ottawa 2 - 3 Oakville B14
Ottawa South4 - 3 Burlington Y
Unionville M2 - 2 Hamilton Uni

Boys U15-East
West Ottawa 4 - 0 Aurora FC
Ottawa South4 - 0 Burlington Y
Whitby Iroqu2 - 7 Vaughan B15
West Ottawa 0 - 7 Richmond Hil
United FA B11 - 1 North Toront
Unionville M0 - 1 Hamilton Uni

Boys U16-East
West Ottawa 3 - 1 Markham B16

Boys U16-West
Vaughan B164 - 0 Toronto FC
Burlington Y5 - 0 Markham B16
Hamilton Uni2 - 1 Unionville M
Richmond Hil1 - 2 Whitby Iroqu
North Toront0 - 2 West Ottawa

Girls U13-Central
Aurora FCPreSC Toronto G
North TorontPreRichmond Hil

Girls U13-East
Ottawa SouthPreAthlete Inst
West Ottawa PreNorth Missis
Unionville MPreBurlington Y
Whitby IroquPreOakville G13
United FA G1PreHamilton Uni

Girls U14-Central
Aurora FC2 - 4 SC Toronto G
North Toront11 - 1 Richmond Hil

Girls U14-East
Ottawa South3 - 0 Athlete Inst
West Ottawa 3 - 3 North Missis
United FA G12 - 0 Hamilton Uni
Unionville M0 - 1 Burlington Y
Whitby Iroqu2 - 1 Oakville G14

Girls U15-East
West Ottawa 2 - 4 Richmond Hil
Unionville M0 - 1 Hamilton Uni
Whitby Iroqu0 - 3 Vaughan G15
Ottawa South1 - 1 Burlington Y
United FA G11 - 0 North Toront
Markham G150 - 4 Aurora FC

Girls U16-East
KNSC G161 - 5 Vaughan G16
Unionville M0 - 6 Hamilton Uni
West Ottawa 2 - 1 North Toront
Markham G163 - 2 Aurora FC
Ottawa South4 - 2 Burlington Y


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