Girls U17 - Grey

1Vaughan - G171081139122725
2Unionville Milliken - GU17106221810820
3Aurora FC - G17103162026-610
4Woodbridge - G1710109938-293

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1Cassidy BROOKSVaughan - G176
2Kennedy ATTWELLAurora FC - G175
3Journey LASHLEYUnionville Milliken - GU174
4Leah PAISVaughan - G174
5Maia TORELLIVaughan - G174
6Ayanna PINDERUnionville Milliken - GU173
7Hannah LUDGATEAurora FC - G173
8Jessica PERUSINUnionville Milliken - GU173
9Lina BAHRIVaughan - G173
10Marissa DA SILVAAurora FC - G173

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Isabella BARBIERIUnionville Milliken G172
2Isabella BARBIERIUnionville Milliken - GU172
3Olivia CANNONEVaughan - G172
4Annabel GRAVELYAurora FC - G171
5Leah PAISVaughan - G171
6Madeline BONAVOTAAurora FC - G171
7Nicole TOTHUnionville Milliken - GU171
8Tania BAKOUMWoodbridge - G171

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