Girls U17 - Grey

1Unionville Milliken G171072131112023
2Richmond Hill G171061338261219
3Hamilton United G1794231920-114
4Woodbridge G17104241921-214
5Burlington G1793151920-110
6SC Toronto G1710028937-282

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1Emily MIJARESRichmond Hill G1727
2Emma OLIPHANTBurlington G179
3Sage PRINCEUnionville Milliken G178
4Christina PAPACHRISTOSWoodbridge G175
5Taylor PAQUETTEWoodbridge G175
6 Claire MATTEI Richmond Hill G174
7Cayla CAJILIGUnionville Milliken G174
8Lylah JAMESHamilton United G174
9Noella GRANTUnionville Milliken G174
10Cerrina TOROMORENOWoodbridge G173

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Mckenna GEMMELLUnionville Milliken G175
2Savannah ZAVARELLIRichmond Hill G175
3Gemma GRECOWoodbridge G174
4Presley WINTERBERGBurlington G173
5Isabella SEGRETO-BARBIERIUnionville Milliken G172
6Jasmine PECORASC Toronto G171

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