• Alignment with Canada Soccer Long Term Player Development Model (LTPD)

    • Focus on LTPD Stage 4 “Training to train” and LTPD Stage 5 “Train to Compete”
    • Provide platform for Ontario Soccer High Performance staff to observe and assess players and coaches outside regular league games         environment

    • All U15 and U16 male teams to participate

            - 13 à U15 teams
            - 11 à U16 teams 

    • All U15 and U16 female teams to participate
            - 12 
à U15 teams
            - 10 
à U16 teams

    • 4 rounds will be played for each age group
    • single elimination
           - winner of each round advances to the next round
    • Teams are grouped regionally
    • Teams are seeded as outlined in the OPDL Operational Rules


Winner of the final match will be declared...
OPDL Cup Champion

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