Game # 2005Boys U17 Premier

Sunday, Oct 1, 2023
Wesley Clover Turf @ 13:30

Field Manager: Osama Issa (343) 558-6924
OPDL Coordinator: Krystal Coulterman (613) 889-2704

Abdourahman IBRAHIM
Stefan MIHAI
Vanessa DI MASO


West Ottawa B17





Pickering FC B17




Field Details:

Change Rooms are available. They are located just before the entrance to the field.

Portable Washrooms are available onsite

There is a designated Home and Away seating area. Small bleachers are available.

Wesley Clover management has advised us of an important update regarding access to the facility (soccer fields and cage soccer).

Effective immediately and until May 28th, access to Wesley Clover fields/Corkstown Road will be limited to the entrance from Moodie Drive. It is of utmost importance that all drivers strictly adhere to this access route and refrain from using the entrance through Eagleson and/or the equestrian park.

The presence of vehicles passing through the equestrian park poses a significant risk and may cause distress for the horses as well as potential accidents. Therefore, we kindly request your full cooperation in avoiding this route during the specified period.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Your commitment to following these guidelines is greatly appreciated.


Queensway Carleton Hospital

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For GPS purposes, 401 Corkstown Road will take you to the campgrounds and the fields are less than 1 kilometer away.

Field Rules:
•Only players and coaches may be on the fields.
•Clean up after using the field.
•Go around the fields to get to your destination, do
not cross the fields as a short cut.
•No warm ups, speed and agility training, keeper
training, etc. are done on the playing fields. Use
the space behind the nets or off to the side.
•Absolutely no warm ups in the 18 yard box.
•No Smoking.
•No Golf.
•No Alcohol.
•No Dogs.
•No climbing on goals, nets or fences.
•No playing on “Out of Service” fields.


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TFC Competition Series B14

TFC Competition Series B17


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