Game # 452Girls U15-West

Sunday, Oct 15, 2017
Sheppards Bush Turf @ 11:15

Field Manager: Irene Halis (647) 330-5194
OPDL Coordinator: Alexis Boissinot (905) 758-1884

Donna Chung


Aurora FC G15





Hamilton United Elite G15




Field Details:

Not available at this time.

Washrooms are available onsite.

There are bleachers at this field.

For Saturday June 10th, please be aware parking will be very limited, as there are multiple games going on at all the other fields at this location. Allow extra time to find parking. Limited parking available at field.

The Aurora Go Station is just down the road with a parking garage where we are encouraging people to park so they can avoid driving around and illegally parking, however it is a 10 minute walk to the field so please keep that in mind! The address and entrance is just East of 30 Industrial Parkway South, and there will be a police officer there to guide people and players to the field.

Southlake Regional Health Centre, 596 Davis Drive, Newmarket

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Sheppard's Bush Turf Field Google map location's+Bush/@43.996973,-79.454215,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x9969daaaca45888a

95 Industrial Parkway South, Aurora. ON L4G 7B3

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Boys U13-Central
Richmond HilPreSC Toronto B
North TorontPreVaughan B13

Boys U13-East
Ottawa SouthPreWest Ottawa
United FA B1PreWest Ottawa
Markham B13PreOttawa South

Boys U13-West
North MissisPreOakville B13

Boys U14-Central
North TorontPreKNSC B14
Richmond HilPreSC Toronto B
Vaughan B14PreAurora FC

Boys U14-East
Whitby IroquPreOttawa South
Unionville MPreMarkham B14
United FA B1PreWest Ottawa

Boys U14-West
North Missis3 - 3 Vaughan B14
North MissisPreOakville B14
Hamilton UniPreAthlete Inst

Boys U15-East
United FA B1PreWest Ottawa
Ottawa SouthPreToronto FC
Unionville MPreWhitby Iroqu
United FA B1PreWest Ottawa

Boys U15-West
Richmond HilPreNorth Toront
Aurora FCPreHamilton Uni
Vaughan B15defBurlington Y

Boys U16-East
Whitby Iroqu1 - 3 Toronto FC
Markham B16PreUnionville M
West Ottawa PreToronto FC

Boys U16-West
Richmond HilPreAurora FC
North TorontPreBurlington Y
Hamilton UniPreVaughan B16

Girls U13-Central
Richmond HilPreSC Toronto G
Vaughan G13PreRichmond Hil
North TorontPreSC Toronto G

Girls U13-East
Whitby IroquPreOttawa South
United FA G1PreWest Ottawa

Girls U13-West
Burlington YPreOakville G13
Hamilton UniPreNorth Missis

Girls U14-Central
Vaughan G14PreRichmond Hil
North TorontPreSC Toronto G

Girls U14-East
United FA G1PreWest Ottawa
Whitby IroquPreOttawa South

Girls U14-West
Hamilton UniPreNorth Missis
Burlington YPreOakville G14

Girls U15-East
Whitby IroqudefOttawa South
Unionville MPreWest Ottawa
United FA G1PreWhitby Iroqu

Girls U15-West
Vaughan G15PreNorth Toront
Burlington YPreAurora FC
Hamilton UniPreRichmond Hil

Girls U16-East
Burlington YPreWest Ottawa

Girls U16-West
Hamilton UniPreOttawa South
Vaughan G16PreMarkham G16
Hamilton UniPreWest Ottawa
North TorontPreKNSC G16
Burlington YPreOttawa South


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