Game # 8TFC Competition Series B17

Saturday, Mar 23, 2024
BMO Training Ground & Academy @ 14:00

Field Manager:
OPDL Coordinator:

Michael IZZO


Toronto FC Academy B16




Oakville B17



Field Details:

Change rooms remain closed.

There is one washroom available that is reserved for players only. The entrance to the washroom is on the south side of the main building, to the east of the Toronto FC media wall. There are also Downsview Park washrooms available in the green/wooden pavilion which is located to the west of BMO Training Ground. No washroom availability inside the main building.

Games on City View Field (Turf) will be open to spectators, within the fence on the east sideline only. Spectators will not be permitted to watch the game outside the fenced area. Games taking place on North Pitch (Grass) will be open to spectators, outside the fence on the west sideline only. Due to space limitations, and keeping safety in mind, spectators will not be permitted to watch the game from inside the fenced area. Visitors to the facility will not have access to the main building.

All visitors must park in the DOWNSVIEW PARKING LOT located just outside of the white gates - parking in the BMO Training Ground parking lot is reserved strictly for the First Team and staff. Please do not park in the area in front of the gate or in the round-about as this is a fire route and the only emergency access point of the facility.

Humber River Hospital (Wilson site)
1235 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, ON M3M 0B2
Tel (416) 242-1000

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We ask that you please be mindful of our facility, we take pride in maintaining its cleanliness.


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